Automatic Water Softener

Model  NS-3-99 Dual

Intended use

The automatic softener can convert hard water into soft and purify it. They are manufactured to very high standards using high quality materials that are corrosion resistant and non-toxic as to EC and international standards. The softener protects water pipes and any connected system parts against damages caused by hard water and helps to save the energy costs. A Scale thickness of 1.27 cm of the lime deposit can cause a heating efficiency loss of 60%!  More important: Soft water is healthier! Improves cooking and the taste of drinks; maintains skin and hair healthy; lengthens the life of textiles; reduces the detergent consumption; renders objects glossier.


  1. Time/flow double process control – Make outflow more stable; save water, electric and salt effectively.
  2. Adjustable outflow rigidity – Meet all the requirements with different hardness.
  3. Refluence regeneration technology – Adequately insure the resin regeneration; insure the best quality for the drinking water; save more water and salt than the ordinal flow regeneration technology.
  4. High quality resin – Food class homogeneous resin with high exchange ability; resist breakage, no need exchange! Service Life > 30 years!
  5. Bigger flow valves – Meet the requirement for whole family, stably and durably!
  6. Quartz bottom – Dual effect for clean and soft.
  7. Double strengthen GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) vase – Avoid leakage, resist impact; exterior surface enwind with fiberglass, double neck in the vase.
  8. Humanistic design – Easy and ample, bigger LCS screen.
  9. Electric cut safeguard – Supply 24 hours electric, no need to re-record.

Technical data

NS-3-99 Dual
Working flow/Durchflussmenge (T/H)
Cyclic capacity/Zyklische Kapazität (T)
Working pressure/Betriebsdruck (MPa)
Working temperature/Wassertemperatur (ºC)
Resin volume/Harzvolumen (L)
Inlet/outlet fitting/Anschlussgröße (inch)
Drainlet fitting (inch)
AC adapter/Adapter
Water demand for regeneration/Wasserbedarf für die Regeneration (L)
Salt demand for regeneration/Salzbedarf für die Regeneration (g)
Dimension/Abmessung (mm)