Drinking Water Filter


Fluss filter cartridges provide the best quality water for vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers. Particles entering the water during installation, and unwanted tastes and smells, are eliminated, producing the maximum flavour in all hot and cold drinks. With Enmet Fluss-4-S, water from water dispensers is of a consistently high quality. Even coffee and vending machines in areas of low carbonate hardness will benefit from the improved water quality.

Main features

  • Easy and quick installation under the sink
  • Filtration system to remove ‘off-flavour‘ elements and chlorine from mains water
  • Highly effective activated carbon filter
  • Guaranteed removal of particles and particulate matter
  • Orientable filter head and couplings supplied
  • High sensory quality of the filtered water

Benefits of Fluss-4-S at a glance:

  • Instant, top-quality, particle-free water
  • Reliable elimination of ‘off-flavour’ elements
  • Large filtration capacity of 10,000 litres
  • Reduction in heavy metal content
  • Activated carbon with antibacterial properties

Technical Data

Working flow/Durchflussmenge (T/H)
Working pressure/Betriebsdruck (MPa)
0.1- 0.4MPa
Working temperature/Wassertemperatur (ºC)
Filter series
4 filters
Filtration precision
Dimension/Abmessung (mm)