Simple Cleaner Filters PF-MEC-SIMPLE (/R)

Intended use

The simple cleaner filters RF-MEC-SIMPLE(/R) are suited to domestic drinking water treatment. All filters are tested at low and high pressure and are subjected to a series of quality controls. Using brass bowl it is available for hot water up to 90°, with and without pressure reducer.
They protect water pipes and any connected system parts that carry water against malfunctions and corrosion damage caused by impurities such as rust particles, sand, and other extraneous substances.


  • Brass fitting can rotate 360º.
  • Backwash with pre-filtering is automatic.
  • Flow rate is higher than the European average.
  • Pressure regulator can be adjusted from 1 to 6 bar with standard value of 4 bar.
  • Maximum reducer pressure is 25 bar.
  • Filtration degree of 50 – 200 – 500 mm is available.
  • Non-toxic components have high quality.

Technical data

Durchflussmenge / Flow rate (m³/h)
maximaler Betriebsdruck / Maximum bar (bar)
Anschlussnennweite / Nominal connection width (DN)
Anschlussgröße / Connection width(")
maximale Wassertemperatur - Kunststoffschale / Maximum temperature transparent bowl (°C)
maximale Wassertemperatur - Messingschale / Maximum temperature brass bowl(°C)
Druckbeständigkeit / Pressure resistance - Outlet pressure (bar)
1,5 - 6